As our library of games expands with more and more titles every month, finding a simple game to learn the basics of Tabletopia can be difficult.

To get the hang of the interface and capabilities, starting with the classics may be the best idea. These are the games that you’ve been familiar with since childhood and don’t need to learn the rules to. They’re simple, they’re streamlined, they’re classic! And free on Tabletopia.

Two-Player Strategies

Some of the most well-known two-player strategy games we have are Go and ChessAnd if you want a more relaxed game, try Reversi or any of our checkers variants:

Card Games

Tabletopia features a wide assortment of card games for all companies and tastes:

Check out our Cards Playground where you can play many other games. And stay tuned for our own implementations for Texas Hold’em and Bridge that are coming soon!


If you like Dominoes, these games are for you:

Dice Games

For those who love chucking dice we have a variety of dice games:

And, of course, you can play many others in our Dice Playground.

Riichi Mahjong

Try Riichi Mahjong, the time-honoured classic, for free!

Stay classy with Tabletopia 🙂 Happy gaming and see you at the table!