Dear Friends and Tabletopia users!

As usual, we would like to give you an overview of what we have done in the last month.



We continue to concentrate our efforts on the development of the Steam version of Tabletopia. The design of all interfaces is finished and we are now working on the actual implementation. You can take a look at some of the pages below.


Steam game catalogGame catalog on Steam


Steam game lobbyGame lobby on Steam


Also, very soon we will introduce some new features for better control of game flow:

  • Host: The game owner who will be able to control invitations, players seats and when the game begins, pauses and finishes (they can also delegate some rights to other players)
  • Phases: Gameplay will be divided into phases – “before the game”, “in play”, “paused” etc. so all participants will know that for example when the game is paused, nobody is able to move game pieces.


Our community

During December, we have sent invite codes for early access and more than 1000 new members joined Tabletopia – Now it is easier to find partners and opponents to play games with. We recommend you use Tabletopians –  a Discord community server . It is the best place to find opponents and use its voice & text chat app for communication during a game.

We are working on our own toolset for:

  • players matching service,
  • player’s reputation and rating,
  • voice communication,

but it will take a few more months to complete this.




We have updated and considerably expanded our FAQ for Players:

and the FAQ for Game Creators:


Game catalog

Many new games were added recently and even more will be implemented soon. From now on, you can follow our Tabletopia Official List Of Games on BGG


Stronghold 2nd editionStronghold (2nd edition) from Portal Games is coming very soon 🙂



With best regards,

Tim Bokarev

CEO   Tabletopia