October, the month of the Spiel Essen and the pre-Halloween excitement, is now over but let’s recall all the good things it brought to Tabletopia.

New Games to Play

We now have 290+ board games on the platform!

Have you played these new board games added to our catalog this month? Click the image to start playing online now (if you have Tabletopia account).

Pathogenesis is a deck building game in which players take on the role of bacterial pathogens attacking a human host.

Emergence is a 3-6 player futuristic team-based deception resource collecting game. Your goal: either root out the humans once and for all or corrupt the AI network and infiltrate its populace.


In the Name of Odin is a strategy game for 2-5 players with hand management and set collection mechanics. As brave warriors, shrewd traders and bold explorers, you will compete to become the new Jarl.


Darkrock Ventures is euro game incorporating dice and dice manipulation, with worker placement, resource farming and exporting.


Skyward is a beautiful strategy card drafting game of control versus opportunity about building the world’s first airborne city, constructed above the point where four empires meet.


The Pioneers Program is a card driven town building game set in post-apocalyptic world.


More Live Events to Join

After September’s call for demonstrators, we are happy to announce that starting October we now host at least 4 free demos each week for you (no account is needed to attend).

Check out the scheduled events and let us know which games you want to learn and play with our hosts next time.




New Features and Improvements

  • Players who bought Steam Early Access or made a Game Addict or Game Scout pledges now can invite any players outside Tabletopia or Tabletopia users with free accounts to play premium games.
  • The Beta version of Tabletopia for Chrome and Edge browsers will be available within a couple of weeks! Right now the platform only runs on IE, Firefox, and Safari browsers due to Unity plugin support limitations.


  • Download speed for game bundles was increased.
  • When going from Steam version to browser version, the system prompts you to log in using your Steam account.
  • “Game finished” notification is displayed when the game is over, if no game end mode is specified.


  • Fixed issue with duplication of random elements in a group in Workshop.
  • No available rooms are displayed in Find & Play for a player who went AFK and then returned online.
  • Critical errors in decks of cards: incorrect position of the last card or its disappearance in some cases.
  • Wrong cursor behaviour when connecting several devices, such as a mouse, a gamepad/joystick or a touchpad.


Interesting on the Blog to Read

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Stay tuned for massive news in November! In the meantime, happy gaming and see you at the table 😉