November was huge for us at Tabletopia. A lot of good things to sum up, once this month is over!

Free on Steam, Early Access Over

free-to-playFirst, the Early Access stage was finished and Tabletopia became free-to-play on Steam.

We’ve been preparing for this step ever since the start of Early Access in March. And all this time we’ve been working hard to add over 80 games and a lot of new features for you, to name a few:

  • Smart matchmaking game suggestions
  • Ready-check feature
  • Real-time notifications
  • Game results mode
  • Improved user profile, and many other small tweaks, improvements, and bug fixes.

We still have a long to-do list and a lot of plans, and we will continue adding new games and new features for you around the clock. But you can already install Tabletopia for free on Steam and play most from the 300+ games in our catalog with anyone in the world.


Lisboa With Vital Lacerda, More to Come

In November we hosted the first in our upcoming series of games taught by their authors online.

We played Lisboa, the fresh new game by Vital Lacerda. Vital taught the game himself and talked about the creation process and the historic events that inspired him to create the game.

People seemed to like the event a lot:

“Learning on  with himself present. Love these modern times! ….and thanks for providing the history to every mechanic, Vital! 18th century wigs, not the least ;)” 

 I assume this is to win Vital coming to my house to teach / play Lisboa.” 

More of this kind of events are planned for December, and at least three more live demos with authors are already scheduled. Stay tuned!


Now 300+ Games, and Counting

Our next big news for this month: we’ve reached the 300 games landmark! Such a nice number, but it’s only the beginning.

Check out some of the newest additions below. A lot of these games are not yet published, but already available for play on Tabletopia. These modern times are really the best!

Quartz is fast and tense game of push-your-luck and risk management. Acting as dwarven miners, you’ll explore a newly discovered mine for five days and try to secure the best crystals for yourself while keeping your “colleagues” at bay.

Lisboa is a city building and economic hevyweight eurogame by Vital Lacerda. As nobility members and architects you will use your influence in the reconstruction and business development of the new city of Lisbon after the great earthquake of 1755.

Warmonger is a deck-building direct interaction game that is available to play on Tabletopia only.

Dwar7s Fall is a worker placement, area control game about collecting gems in order to trade them for food. The winter is coming, and the dwarfs need to prepare: collect gems, build castles, and stock up enough food. Are you ready to help them?


Lobby 2.0 is  Live, Nice & Slick

Back to the technical features, November saw the release of our new lobby: crisp, friendly, more easy to handle, and with several new and updated features:

  • New design and look: Lobby 2.0 is more simple, friendly, and easy to understand and manage.
  • Invite players: You can now invite not only your Tabletopia friends but also other users who have experience playing this game. Also, don’t forget that you can invite people who don’t have Tabletopia accounts: share the link/room number with them. It’s free.
  • Game status: The process of gathering players for the game is now more clear.
  • Switch game: You can now switch to another game without even leaving the lobby! Hover the cursor over the game box and click Switch, then select a new game.
  • Private/public room: Making the room visible or invisible to other players in Find & Play is now also more intuitive. Private rooms are not shown in Find & Play.
  • Spectators: Players who enter the room but do not take seats, are displayed as Spectators.
  • Custom background (Premium): Premium users can change the background image of the rooms they create. Click the Settings icon to access this and other room settings.


November was such a good month, but December promises to be even better, as Tabletopia is heading toward its commercial release.

In the meantime, happy gaming, and see you at the table!