March is over, and we’re ready to sum up the good stuff it brought to Tabletopia.

New Games

A bunch of excellent games debuted on Tabletopia this month, you can check them in the New Releases category. We recommend trying:

Euphoria: Build a Better Dystopia is a worker-placement game with dice set in dystopian future by Stonemaier Games.

Last Friday is a hidden movement, hunting and deduction board game, inspired by the popular “slasher” horror movie genre.

Dinosaur Island is a worker placement game about creating the world’s greatest dinosaur theme park. Yep, Jurassic Park in a game!

Long Live the Queen is a dynamic tactical tug-of-war game for two players about plotting to seize the throne.

Dev News

March was really rich on various important and cool features added to Tabletopia. We’ve added categories to our website, Solo and Hotseat modes to Playground, useful tips to the loading screen, as well as fixed a big amount of bugs. Read for details below.


Categories were created to make browsing for games on Tabletopia even more convenient. Now you can quickly find solo, two-player, classic, Top BGG and other games.


Useful Tips

We added improved pre-game messages displayed while the game is loading. Now you will see there a lot of useful tips and advice for players and designers alike. We hope you find them helpful!


Solo Mode

Our  special Solo mode will let you start solitaire games faster and easier.

For games that support one-player mode, you can now select solo or multiplayer mode directly on the game’s page. If you click Play Solo, the appropriate setup will start launching immediately.

Chat, turn-based modes, and lobby are disabled for this mode.

Hotseat Mode

And this is it for March, see you back in April!