Hey Tabletopians,

After action-packed December of last year in January ’17 we mostly concentrated on new games and social activities.

Almost 350!

As our catalog of games grows, in January we became just one title short of 350 board games. This means that around 100 games where added to Tabletopia during past 6 months!

Among the new titles in our catalog are:

Spyfall is a highly-acclaimed party game in which you get to be a spy and try to understand what’s going on around you. Guessing and bluffing will help you win!

Railways of Nippon is a 2 to 4 player version of
Railways of the World (ROTW),
one of the most celebrated train games of all-time.

Kanban: Automotive Revolution is a heavyweight game by Vital Lacrda about assembling automobiles focused on economics and resource management.


7 Ronin is an asymmetric tactical two-player game of bluff and intuition set in feudal Japan. Valiant samurai, a clan of mysterious ninjas, one defenseless village…

And many others! Check your catalog of board games now.

Keyflower_Tournament-2Keyflower World Tournament

In January we were happy to announce the first Online International Tournament on Tabletopia! We were really glad that R&D Games and Richard Breese enthusiastically supported the Keyflower tournament.

60+ people from 20 countries, from Panama to Japan, have joined us in this event to be held on Tabletopia in February. Stay tuned for streams and news!

Dev News

“In January we concentrated on stabilization and bug fixing, no new features were added,” — says Alex, Lead Developer. “We also awarded two achievements on Steam to players who have supported Tabletopia on Kickstarter and during Early Access last year. Thank you!”

Other important things and tweaks on Tabletopia in January include:

  • Improved stability of connection, less disconnects during the games.
  • Web registration got simpler: now you only need to indicate your email and password. 
  • Fixed errors while downgrading from one subscription plan to another.
  • Added support of American Express cards.
  • Fixed error when players don’t have open rooms but cannot create new ones due to room limits.
  • For Designers: games and objects now take less time to publish!
  • In game client: fixed errors of magnetic objects, components being moved, and others.

Tabletopia Around the World

logo (1)Something to watch:

Something to read:

And last but not the least, you probably already saw this if you read our blog, but we want to make sure you don’t miss these great interviews with great people 🙂


Happy gaming, and see you in February on Tabletopia!