Bye-bye 2016, and welcome, 2017! But before that, we need to tell about all the awesome stuff that happed to Tabletopia in December.

nowfreeFree for All

It’s been a log journey, and at last in December 2016 we finished our Early Access stage and became free-to-play everywhere: first on Steam on December 1 and then on the web on December 28!

The web version also moved to a new unified domain:, where Playground and Workshop are now available.

And don’t miss our special offer: get a free month of Gold/Silver subscription at sign up (valid for those who create a new account on

Tabletopia in Reviews

Surely, since so much happened on Tabletopia in the last month of 2016, a lot of videos, reviews, and articles were published around the world. Here’s a short list and choice excerpts from some of them:



  • Article on
    “The Tabletopia system is looking even more polished than the last time I took a look. Head on over to their site to check it out and get your free account today.”


Games: Now 320+

Among new titles added this December are:


And many others, check them out in our catalog.

In December we also introduced pre-moderation of new games in Workshop, since this allows us to keep Tabletopia 100% licensed which is our main goal. Thank you for understanding.

Live Demos with Authors

In December we’ve arranged and held two Learn & Play sessions with authors of their games: Near and Far with Ryan Laukat and Black Orchestra with Philip duBarry.

Both events were big successes. And now we’re working on making recordings of such demos  available.


Ryan Laukat


Philip duBarry


Read also our exclusive interviews with these game designers: Ryan Laukat: “I got scolded in grade school for my drawings” and Philip duBarry: “I want people to be inspired and changed for the better by board games”.

indie-gaming-alliance2Partnership with Indie Game Alliance

Tabletopia and the Indie Game Alliance (IGA) announced a partnership in December to increase the visibility of IGA member games on the Tabletopia platform and make their promotion and demonstration easier.

To cut a long story short, what we hope to receive out of this partnership is many more games and live demos on Tabletopia for you!

New Features

chrome-edgeIn December Tabletopia also became available in Chrome and Edge browsers thanks to implementation of WebGL (Web Graphics Library) technology. This is a very important new feature.

Also, post-release on Steam we received a lot of feedback and reports and strongly concentrated on improving Tabletopia performance: increasing server capacities, speed of loading, solving crashes and connection losses, etc. Thank you for your valuable feedback!

Besides, we’ve worked on adding new features to make playing Tabletopia more comfortable:

  • In-game Steam-overlay enabled. It allows you to access Steam whilst in-game, send messages to friends, invite friends, etc.
  • Screenshots capturing through Steam added. Now you can save game screenshots in Tabletopia just like in any other Steam game!
  • Invitations settings added. Now players can specify from whom they want to receive invites to games.
  • Link to access the game’s page added to the game lobby.

So, this is it for December. 2016 was very productive, interesting, and important to us at Tabletopia. And 2017 will definitely be even more so now that we’re released 🙂

Thank you, happy gaming, and see you at the table!