Hi folks!

We’ve been very, very busy lately, but we are alright and Tabletopia is going smoothly.

Scythe by Jamey Stegmaier

Meanwhile, we are happy about our partners who have been creating new games. One of them – Scythe from Play Scythe on TabletopiaStonemaier Games is currently on Kickstarter recently and they have gathered more than $1.000.000 dollars so far! That’s an amazing result for amazing game!

We have created a demo of Scythe and now everyone can try this game long before it will appear on shelves! Please read the gameplay tips before playing!

'Swords and Sorcery' on Tabletopia‘Sword and Sorcery’ playable preview

We have also just launched a playable preview of Sword and Sorcery! This is a new game from Ares Games currently on Kickstarter. It is already funded, but you still have chance to back it. You can see a good example of the miniatures on Tabletopia.

And finally, we would like to introduce you a demo of Pocket Dungeon Quest – a new game from our community! Go and check it! The game really very cool!

We are doing all we can to keep moving with Tabletopia so that it becomes a game changer among board games. And that’s all thanks to your support!

Tabletopia team