Starting today, Tabletopia becomes free-to-play on Steam*. You can now join Tabletopia on Steam for free, as well as play most of the 300 games featured on the platform. 

If you have supported our Early Access stage, your free month of Premium will now start counting down. If you don’t yet have Premium, consider purchasing it to unlock the full Tabletopia potential and give your support to favourite authors and publishers.


Moreover, today we also introduce the in-app purchases that will be directly available in the Tabletopia Steam client. These purchases have replaced the subscriptions for Steam users in order to make Tabletopia more accessible to all players.

In-app purchases are basically short-term Premiums that you buy once to receive full Premium access for a specified period of time: 3, 7, 14, or 30 days.

With any Premium purchase you get:

  • unlimited access to all our games, expansions, and setups
  • ability to invite your friends outside Tabletopia or fellow players to any games for free, including premium games
  • up to 10 open games simultaneously

In-apps give you more flexibility without any long-time commitment. You decide when you need your Premium and for how long.

in-app*Note that the Early Access stage for the browser version still continues. To create a new Tabletopia account in the browser version, you will need to make a pledge. You will receive instant access to the platform + 1 or 6 months of free Premium access once we are released (December 2016).

However, you can now create a free account in Steam and then access the browser version with your Steam credentials for free (see Activating Steam Account for details). You will not receive the free Premium access in this case, but will be able to play all free games and setups and invite friends to free games.

In a few weeks we plan to make the browser version free-to-play as well with subscritpion-based Premium access.

Why In-App Purchases in Steam?

We’ve switched from subscription to in-apps in Steam because we believe that in-app purchases is the optimal model that will satisfy both Steam players and our partner publishers.

Why it’s good for players:

  • Get to try almost all featured games for free. Only less than 5% of our games are Premium only, most games are available to all users for free, even if with some limitations (fewer setups, no expansions). So with most games, you don’t have to pay at all to try them. And with Premium, you fully unlock them all.

We do not sell each game separately as DLCs because we believe that this approach would limit and narrow your experience with Tabletopia. We want you to explore and discover hundreds of board games, not just the ones you buy and download.

  • Choose when you want your Premium and for how long. You don’t have to buy a whole month of access if you usually play just 2 or 3 times a month. With short-term plans  you decide when you need your Premium and for how long. A weekend with friends or a two-week gaming vacation—you choose.
  • Support your favourite authors and publishers. By playing Premium games on Tabletopia, you directly support publishers and game designers. 70% of all revenue from such games go to them, and they can use this money to make and add more games. So, the more you play, the more games there will be to play 😉


Why it’s good for publishers:

  • Receive up to 70% revenue when users play their Premium games.
  • Are interested in adding more games if they see that it brings revenue.
  • Can develop, playtest, and demonstrate their games to anyone in the world and can be sure that their intellectual property is safe.

And the Tabletopia team can continue adding more awesome games and cool features while keeping the service quality at maximum level. Profit!

Should You Go For It?

0110_danetLet’s think about it. We all know that buying board games is costly—$30-$50 per box on the average—and often there’s no knowing that you will like the game and play it at least several times to justify the purchase.

And with Kickstarter games, it’s usually several months (or even years) before you can actually play the game you purchased.

With a 3-day Tabletopia Premium (just $1.99), you get instant unlimited access to 300+ board games for the price of, say, a coffee in Starbucks or a burger in McDonalds.

More importantly, you can share these games with your friends outside Tabletopia and they don’t pay at all. So, only one Premium account is needed for your whole gaming group to play absolutely any game from the 300 we already have, including well-known classics, top hits, and even tomorrow’s Kickstarter releases.

Not to mention that by playing Premium games on Tabletopia you support your favorite publishers and designers and help them make more games.

So, surely, one missed coffee is worth it? 😉

Questions & Answersdanet_30

Will there be any subscriptions/recurring payments involved with Tabletopia Premium?

No. And yes.

No. In Steam client only the in-app purchases will be available. No recurring or automatic payments, no subscriptions will be associated with these in-apps. They’re one-time purchases you can make in Steam client whenever you need your Tabletopia Premium. Once it expires, you are switched back to free account.

Yes. On our website soon you will be able to purchase regular subscriptions on a monthly basis: Silver and Gold plans. While subscriptions are not an option for some players, others might find it more convenient when they don’t have to worry about their Premium expiring too soon. Also, a monthly subscription costs less than the equal amount of Premium days purchased separately.

Will there be Silver and Gold plans for Steam?

No. These will be the subscription plans we offer on our website only. For Steam there will be just the 3, 7, 14, 30-day in-app purchases of Premium. Premium features will correspond to those of the former Gold plan.

I play both on Steam and on the web. Is it correct, that if I purchase an in-app Premium I can only play premium games on Steam?

No. The only thing that matters is that you have Premium. It is associated with your account, not platform. It does not matter where you purchase your Premium. If you purchase an in-app and then log in to the browser version with your Steam credentials, you will be able to play premium games in your browser as well.

Do you have any more questions regarding the in-apps? Ask in the comments or contact!