It’s time to wave goodbye to May and say thanks for the great stuff it brought!

Did You Play These New Games in May?

We have reached 425 games on Tabletopia in May, and here are some of the hottest newcomers in our catalog:

Orléans is an innovative bag-building euro game where players compete in different areas in the medieval setting. #30 on BGG Top 100.

Brass: Birmingham is an economic strategy game and a sequel to Martin Wallace’ 2007 masterpiece, Brass.

Sailing Toward Osiris is a euro-style game with worker placement, resources management, project completion, and no direct conflict.

Secret Hitler is a social deduction party game of political intrigue and betrayal set in 1930s Germany.  #1 most-anticipated party game of 2016!

Keyflower Tournament Is Finished!

In May the First Official International Online Keyflower Tournament on Tabletopia was officially finished! 64 people from over 20 countries and almost all continents (except Africa and Antarctica :)) took part in the competition, and now the Ultimate Champion is decided.

Congratulations to Mikhail Gavrikov (aka Migelius) from Kazakhstan! We also congratulate the quarter-finalists: KP (USA), Bryson (CAN), rngesus.wept (USA), scottdawn1 (USA), Swivel (BRA), TheGoodTheBadAndTheMeeple (FRA), flashvoyagergtr (RUS).

Dev News

In May we added Play Later, a new feature in our Playground that lets you schedule games for future, up to 14 days ahead and let other people join them. See what’s scheduled today!

There are also several features that will ensure that you don’t miss your scheduled games:

  • After creating or joining a scheduled game you can add the event to your calendar.
  • You will receive an email notification before the game begins. You can manage these notifications in your profile in the browser version of Tabletopia.
  • You will receive a web push notification in your browser 10 minutes before the game. You’ll need to enable such notifications from Tabletopia when asked. Read more on using Play Later and scheduling games.

Other important new features:

  • Profanity filter was enabled in the Find & Play and Lobby chats, so there will be less spam, bot messages, and bad language on the chats now, hurrah! Also, all links sent to chats are now clickable.
  • Tabletopia Forum is up again. Use it to find opponents, discuss games, ask questions, and communicate with fellow Tabletopians.
  • The size of games is reduced further still, to speed up the loading time. Start playing faster!

Tabletopia Around The World

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Happy gaming, and see you at the table in June!