Welcome Summer! We hope you all enjoy it, but don’t forget about board games 😉

New Games in June

Almost 450 games are now in our catalog, find some of the June’s most  popular games below:

Hand of Fate is an adventure deck-building game that can be played competitively or co-op based on the best-selling multi-platform, storytelling video game.

Archmage is a hybrid of euro-style and thematic board games, featuring exploration, resource management, area/map control, etc. by Game Salute.

Covil is a tableau building resource management and area control game for 1 to 4 players.

Minerva is a unique tile-laying resource-management strategy game from the acclaimed author Hisashi Hayashi.

Game Stats

Here’s Top 5 most played games on Tabletopia in June:





1. Roll Player

2. Sub Terra 3. Secret Hitler 4. Scythe 5. Hand of Fate: Ordeals


Dev News

June was a bit quiet on new features, but we still continue working a lot on making the platform more user-friendly and fast:

  • Find & Play section was redesigned and revamped with some animation added.
  • Game client stability improved, substantially bringing down the number of lost connections.
  • Workshop: stability of Tile and Card Decks creation increased.


Tabletopia Around The World

Something to watch:

Watch TWIST Gaming play Tortuga 1667 on Tabletopia!




Happy gaming, and see you at the table in July!