The Summer is here, but there are no lazy days for us as we’re constantly improving Tabletopia and adding new games for you. Here’s our progress in June.

New Games

vikings-newsletterIt’s official! In June we reached (and surpassed) 250 available games on Tabletopia!


Some of our best new June arrivals include: Viticulture Essential Edition, Between Two Cities, Planetarium, Vikings in the Wild, Spirits of the Rice Paddy, Conquest of Speros, and others.


Check the full list of available games on BGG or go straight to Find & Play to find a game and start playing.


Or try these free public demos right now (click to start a game):

Planetarium  Days of Ire: Budapest 1956  Exoplanets

No access to Tabletopia yet? Get full access to all games now and a free Gold account for one month after release for just $10:

New Features

Here are some of over 40 improvements and tweaks we introduced this month on Tabletopia:



    • New Tabletopia Profile. Introducing the new look and the ability to manage your profile directly in the Playground:
      1. Change your personal details.
      2. View and manage new information and game statistics.
      3. Add and manage social network profiles (website version only).
      4. Send personal messages (website version only).
      5. Change your password (website version only).
    • The “Ready Check” feature. Letting players check in for the game before it begins in the pre-game lobby and synchronizing the start of the game for all players. During the 5 minutes before the game begins all players need to set their status to Ready, after which the game will start automatically.
    • Numerous bugs fixed, and minor interface and gameplay improvements added.


Tabletopia Around the World

ClaLVZtUoAAPcj2We’ve found a couple of interesting publications and videos about Tabletopia for you to read and watch:


That’s all for June. Happy Summer gaming and see you at the table!