The hottest days of July brought many new hot stuff to Tabletopia.

Learn and Play Games Live With Us!


In July we’ve launched a new series of regular free live game demonstrations on Tabletopia.

It’s great for those who want to play games but don’t really feel like learning the rules (relatable, isn’t it?). Besides, it’s a good opportunity to learn more about Tabletopia and meet new people! We teach and play two board games each weekend.




All you need to do is go to our official Learn & Play portal  and join upcoming events or suggest games for future demos:



Have You Played These New Games in July?


The hottest July additions to Tabletopia game catalog you don’t want to miss!



Heavy weight Euro-style strategic game about managing an art business.

Award-winning strategic card based game set around a unique commercial fishing theme.

Dystopian economic game of worker placement and resource management set in a dieselpunk setting.


50 Solo-Playable Games on Tabletopia


Byron Campbell has posted a cool list of games to play solo on Tabletopia, go check it out!


Exclusive Interviews with Best Game Designers


We talked to Vital Lacerda (The Gallerist, Vinhos) and Helge Ostertag (Terra Mystica) about game design, their published and upcoming board games and much more.


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Vital Lacerda: “Tabletopia changed the way I’m working in board game design”  Helge Ostertag: “I’m working on Terra Mystica in space”


May We Suggest?



The new smart game suggestions is the main feature we released this month besides numerous small tweaks, improvements, and bugfixes.

How Does it Work?

By analyzing the games you bookmark and/or play most on Tabletopia the system sends you suggestions to play games with people currently online.

If you accept, it will then proceed to searching for opponents for you. The game will start automatically once the required number of players accept the suggestion.

What Does it Give?

The new feature will make it easier for you to find opponents and play more games on Tabletopia. Be sure to bookmark all games that you’re interested in, so we can arrange more games for you!


Tabletopia Twitch: Authors Playing Their Own Games


We’re happy to announce that we’re bringing back the live Twitch streams of authors playing their games on Tabletopia!

In July we’ve played Santorini with Paul Saxberg and Spirits of the Rice Paddy with Philip duBarry.

Follow our Twitch and  YouTube channels for more live videos.



And that’s all for July. We hope you’re having fun with Summer and Tabletopia so far.

Happy gaming and see you at the table!