Back to school means back from vacations to more board gaming! After all, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy 😉 Tabletopia has everything you need to keep you working hard, but playing even harder.

270+ Board Games

Our catalog already features 270+ board game hits that you can share with friends who don’t have Tabletopia accounts! Check the full list of games on BGG.


Argent: The Consortium is now available on Tabletopia!

Free Learn & Play Events

Each week we teach and play live two tabletop hits from our catalog. Over 45 people took part in these events in August. 

And we’re inviting designers to play their games with you, isn’t it cool? Hurry up to meet Vital Lacerda who is teaching The Gallerist this Sunday (September 4) on Tabletopia. And stay tuned for the upcoming live event with Ryan Laukat teaching Near and Far (to be announced).

It’s fun, it’s live, and it’s free for everyone, so don’t forget to invite all your friends! And make sure to leave your suggestions for future games.


Create Your Own Monster Contest

We’re glad to announce the Create Your Own Nightmarium Monster Contest on Tabletopia! Until September 10, enter for a daily chance to win a Tabletopia Early Access key (worth $10) and 3 copies of Nightmarium in the final round! Read more >

Play Nightmarium for free now. Also, check out the Nightmarium campaign on Kickstarter and become among the first to get the English version of this beautifully illustrated game!




We Are the Champions!

With our newest final scoring feature introduced in August, you will now be able to determine the winners at the end of each game and congratulate them with a proper celebration!

After you finish playing, the host will be able to determine the game outcome: specify the winners, assign final scores, or choose victory or defeat depending on the kind of game you were playing. The results will also be displayed in the game lobby after you leave the table. Read more >



Tabletopia Around the World

GenCon Releases Already Available on Tabletopia

Happy gaming and see you at the table!